Flight Simulator Education and Consulting

Professional guidance from those who know the technology, the regulations, and the aviation business.

A flight simulator is a major purchase for most operators. You need to be confident that you're getting good value for your money. You also need a simulator which is going to satisfy your needs not only today, but also years from now anticipating your growth during it's operational lifetime.

NexGen Simulation can offer comprehensive consulting services for current and prospective simulator buyers. As you may expect this can include the development and manufacturer of custom airplane and helicopter simulators for your needs. It can also include expert guidance in procurement and education surrounding flight simulation.

Education and Guidance

Our consulting can involve purely consultative and educational assistance. This can mean requirements gathering and specification writing or any other expert advice you may need. It doesn't matter if you're not sure what you need, or have already selected a particular flight simulator vendor. Having an expert consultant to guide you through the purchase process can be invaluable. We can assist you with evaluating what your needs are, and how you're going to integrate your simulator into your training program. Draw up a specification for that simulator, and source bids from manufacturers for simulators that meet that specification. We can also preform comprehensive acceptance testing when the simulator is delivered to ensure it meets the specifications determined by your needs. By employing NexGen Simulation as a consultant in this fashion we can help you cut through the fog surrounding the process. We can help control the costs involved, and lower the amount of time investment required.

Simulator Development

If you're looking for a professional flight simulator for your General Aviation operation we also offer complete professional flight simulator development services. At it's most basic this might mean a simple tweak to an existing simulator. At it's most complex this can be developing a high fidelity complex simulator for a new aircraft complete with an accurate flight test data derive flight model, sophisticated avionics, and a custom virtual environment.

This service begins with the education and guidance consulting discussed above. We work with you to ensure you understand everything you need to know about flight simulation to make a well informed purchase. We then work together to determine what you need and how we're going to meet those needs.

Basing something on an existing simulator we have developed is generally not as costly because it is usually less technically difficult. As such it can be an excellent course of action. However there are regulatory hurtles to overcome when taking this route which must be appropriately handled, and we can certainly work with you on that.

However you should be aware that with something as simple as adding larger screens to an already approved AATD the cost isn't simply the cost by the price difference of the larger screens alone. A new regulatory approval for the modified device will need to be obtained and there's some additional cost associated with that.

For some situations working from the ground up not only results in a better product, it's actually the easiest route. Most modern general aviation flight simulators consist of many of the same components behind the scenes configured and installed in use-specific ways with type appropriate hardware and software facing the user.