Company History

A 30 year journey into the world of simulation.

Although the NexGen Simulation name has only been in the marketplace for since 2014, our manufacturing roots run deep, going back thirty-four years, and we have been making simulator components for thirteen years. Our parent company (AMFM) was founded in 1984 and specializes in contract manufacturing. AMFM is known for developing, prototyping, optimizing, and manufacturing commercial and industrial equipment. AMFM also has other divisions with product lines in the power sports, recreational vehicle, and law enforcement equipment markets.

In 2005 AMFM began manufacturing components for full motion simulator platforms for another simulator company, over the years more contracts were landed and our simulation experience and confidence built.

In 2013 AMFM was contracted to build thirty helicopter flight simulators for a flight school. Ultimately the customer only took possession of twenty of them. Having ten simulators to find operators for, it became obvious that it was time for AMFM to take its portfolio of capabilities and experience and enter the simulation market. It was then that NexGen Simulation was founded as a new division of AMFM.

The NexGen Simulation office and manufacturing facility is located adjacent to Prescott Municipal Airport - Ernest A. Love Field; which is home to several flight schools including Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In the last fifteen years at least four simulator companies have made their homes in Prescott. As a result of this fertile environment NexGen Simulation has been able to acquire highly skilled personnel with experience working on the high-level, high-fidelity complex flight simulators.

Wanting to offer the highest quality products possible NexGen Simulation began work on taking the ten somewhat generic entry level helicopter flight simulators we had in the shop and substantially upgrading them into the high fidelity simulators which closely replicate the Robinson R44 helicopter. Complete with ten-hole IFR panels, and Garmin GNS 530 style avionics.

As that work progressed NexGen Simulation also began work on two more high fidelity simulators. One for the Diamond DA42, and one for Cessna 172 both with Garmin GNS 1000 style avionics.

Today NexGen Simulation can deliver basic, and advanced flight simulators for both rotary and fixed with aircraft with conventional and glass cockpits.