Flight Simulator Technician
Job Posting

Mke a career developing software and hardware solutions
for general aviation flight simulators.

Are you a flight simulation enthusiast and a programmer? Maybe you've even built your own cockpit, or worked on professional flight simulators. If you want to work on professional high-fidelity general aviation flight simulators (AATDs and FTD Level 5+) and the following sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

We're looking for a flexible generalist to augment our team. Hours, terms, pay, and locations are all negotiable, and depend on your experience.

We're open to remote workers, contractors, casual, and part-time. We would be pleased to have you in our office in beautiful Prescott Arizona, or you can work from your home.

It all depends on you. We don't need a warm body to fill a vacant position, we're looking for the right people, to bring their experience to our team. It's not about impressive credentials, or prestigious companies on your resume. We're looking for passion, motivation, and experience, and a love of learning.

The kind of experience we're looking for

In your cover letter please describe your experiences with the following sort of topics:

  • At least three years of recent experience using C++ or C in a Microsoft Windows programming environment.
  • Experience making non-trivial programs.
  • Experience using Flight Simulation software eg:
    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X / ESP
    • Laminar Research X-Plane
  • Experience programming with input / output control
    • For example using a LabJack or similar with switches, lights, variable resistors, rotary encoders etc.
    • Maybe you've tinkered with Arduinos and used them to send data to a host computer.
  • Some electronics experience, can you design a basic circuit and assemble it on a breadboard?
    • Do you know how to solder through hole components properly?

Desirable Extras

  • Experience with the SDKs for Prepar3D, or X-Plane.
  • Flying experience.
  • Motion simulation experience

You may apply for any position by E-Mailing a cover letter describing your experience with the above topics and resume to careers@nexgensim.com.