We believe that modern flight simulators aren't just a cheaper alternative to time in the aircraft, but a complimentary training aid with many significant advantages. NexGen Simulation is committed to advancing the safety, capability, and profitability of todays demanding aviators by providing the best value in sophisticated professional flight simulator systems.

Flight Simulator Consulting and Education

We offer extensive guidance for any General Aviation operator looking to utilize flight simulation not matter what stage you're at. The largest section of our website is the "Learn About Simulation" section. This is because we believe that information parity, not disparity is critical for a healthy, productive long term working relationship.

OEM Sim Component Manufacturing

NexGen Simulation manufactures flight simulator components for people looking to built their own custom simulators, or for companies producing simulator products. This includes controls, chassis, cabs, complete cockpits, visual systems and more.

Custom Flight Simulator Development

NexGen Simulation can assist you with creating the flight simulator perfect for your training needs. Our experience in manufacturing allows us to produce general aviation flight simulators at at reasonable prices. Our quality durability expertise are perfect for flight training organizations who need long lasting simulators.